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Winter Lawn Woes

After a long Canadian winter, it is time to get outside and see what the wrath of the winter left on our lawns and gardens. As the sunshine and warmer weather begin to settle in, it is time to repair for any damage so you can enjoy your yard again.

Trees and shrubs will often take the brunt of the winter elements, so take a closer look for any broken branches that have been damaged by snow and ice and prune them. Remember, it is okay to have a professional arborist out if you do not feel comfortable! Damaged trees are more susceptible to insect and disease infestations, so it is imperative to take care of any damage that you see.

Excessive snow can cause those ugly brown patches in your lawn, so take some time to rake away some of the brown grass, but just enough to see the lawns surface. If you can see some green beginning to emerge, you are in luck! Your grass should recover with time. If you notice that this area is not greening up like the rest of your lawn, you may need to put in a little extra work. To repair this spots, rake the area and bring up as much of the dead grass as you can and then add a light layer of topsoil. You will then need to use a quality grass seed for that thrives in your local area. If you do not know what type of grass will work best, stop by your local garden centre, they are a great resource! After seeding the area, keep it moist with daily watering.

Another common winter grass killer is the salt we use on our sidewalks and driveways. Follow the instructions above to remove the brown grass and repair. Watering your lawn daily to flush the salt from the soil will also help to restore the troubled areas.

Any lingering snow or moisture, especially with leaves from the fall left on your lawn, can cause mold. It generally should go away on its own; however a firm raking should do the trick to alleviate any damage.

Putting in some work on the trouble spots in your lawn will save you headaches – and more work – when the warmer weather of summer sets it. A bonus is getting it done early so you can sit back and enjoy your lawn in the beauty of the spring!

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