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Composting : turn your green waste into nature’s gold

Tending the garden keeps on producing quantities of plant debris that take up space. What's the best thing to do with garden refuse like grass cuttings, tree and hedge trimmings, leaves and withered flowers? Green recycling. Using a garden shredder will help tidy up your garden. Unwieldy branches and bushy twigs are
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The right way to plant fruit trees

Planting fruit trees in your own garden is much better than looking longingly at the cherries on the neighbour's tree. We have listed some of the most important rules to be followed so that your tree can flourish: The right planting time Fruit trees can be planted between autumn and spring, although
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The right kind of wood for your open fire

Wood for Open Fires All wood will burn equally well in a good wood-burning stove. But not every kind of wood is suitable for open fires. Sparks Conifer wood tends to trap the wood gas created inside the log. As the piece of wood gets hot, high gas pressure can therefore build up
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Learn About The Top 10 Myths of Tree Care

Should you prune your trees in the Spring? How deep must fertilizer be applied to reach the roots of your trees? Which species of trees should be topped to keep them from falling on your house? Most homeowners treasure the trees on their property but know little about how to care for them.
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The correct way to cut hedges

Keep it sharp. A neat and tidy hedge is a joy to see, but it does need work to achieve that smart finish. You can of course do the job by hand, but a powered hedge trimmer will almost certainly save you time and energy. Choosing the right hedge trimmer is
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