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How often should I sharpen my lawn mower blade?

If your lawn mower blade is dull. You should sharpen the blade twice each season to help maintain a green, healthy lawn. A sharp blade not only cuts grass much cleaner but, it helps reduce your lawn mowing time. Hobden's Small Engine's can do lawn mower blade sharpening while you
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How to care for and store your equipment

Thanks to their sophisticated technology and sturdy construction, STIHL chainsaws require very little care and maintenance. During the season, this is likely to be confined to checking the chain regularly and keeping the cutting links sharp for a better cut and to protect the engine. Here are a few tips for storing your equipment
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How to build a nestbox

Make a home for your little friends in the garden. It only takes a little bit of DIY skill to build a nestbox - and it's easy. Here's what you need: Round timber, approx. 20 cm in diameter Hammer and nails (60-80 mm) Drill (25-30 mm drill) Sawhorse Chain saw
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It’s so easy to make a trough for flowers

  A home-made flower trough created from a tree trunk is a decorative feature in any garden. Here we show you the professional way to make it.     Here's what you need: Round timber, approx. 30-35 cm diameter 2 smaller round pieces for the feet, approx. 30 cm long, approx. 20 cm
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Here’s how to make a garden bench

There's room for a rustic garden bench in almost any garden. And it makes a nice quiet spot for you to relax. Follow our material and construction instructions to build a full-size one for adults. By the way, it's really easy to make a child-size one for the little ones, too.    
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