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Fall Lawn Care Tips!

Tip 1 | Watering Schedule: Learn when and how to water your lawn in autumn When caring for your lawn, keep in mind that it needs less water than you think. People tend to irrigate too often. Most lawns only need to be watered once every 4 to 8 days. Grass
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Keep your hands out of the gutter!

In Autumn when leaf activity is at its peak, your gutters can become host to a mound of unwanted leaves and twigs if they are not cleared regularly. A build-up of debris can disrupt the flow of precipitation and can potentially cause damage to the foundation of your home and
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STIHL Battery Technology

No gas, no exhaust emissions, no power cords. The future of lawn care is battery – and STIHL is leading the charge with our full line of battery-powered products. This line of battery-powered equipment uses no gasoline, creates no exhaust emissions and requires no power cords. STIHL batteries are custom engineered to
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Winter Lawn Woes

After a long Canadian winter, it is time to get outside and see what the wrath of the winter left on our lawns and gardens. As the sunshine and warmer weather begin to settle in, it is time to repair for any damage so you can enjoy your yard again. Trees
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Create a unique Christmas ornament for your garden with the kids, or impress your guests with some cute table toppers on the big day. Follow these easy-to-follow steps to create your own wooden reindeer in nine simple steps: STEP 1: PREPARE YOUR WOOD & TOOLS The reindeer’s body can be made with
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