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Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, SE122



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This quiet professional wet/dry vacuum delivers superior suction power to quickly and efficiently complete the toughest tasks without disturbing those around you. The stainless steel vacuum tube is more durable than plastic tubes and the foot-activated depth control and universal wet/dry suction head allows you to easily switch from one surface type to another without stopping. This versatile wet/dry vacuum can save you time, money and space.

Technical data

Voltage (V) 120
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 62
Weight (kg) 10.0
Container capacity (L) 30
Motor output (W/amps) 1,000 / 8.3


  • Stainless steel suction tubeZoom
    Stainless steel suction tube

    With the robust and durable stainless steel suction tube, dust, metal chips, debris or fluids can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly.

  • Universal nozzleZoom
    Universal nozzle

    With the universal nozzle, different types of flooring can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

  • Floor / crevice nozzleZoom
    Floor / crevice nozzle

    The floor / crevice nozzle is stored directly on the machine, making it available for use at all times.

  • Filter cleaningZoom
    Filter cleaning

    After locking the suction inlet and pressing the operating button, fast, automatic cleaning of the filter element takes place.

  • Swivel wheels with locking brakeZoom
    Swivel wheels with locking brake

    For comfortable manoeuvring. With parking brakes for safe locking during usage.

  • Stainless steel handle with quick-release couplingZoom
    Stainless steel handle with quick-release coupling

    The stainless steel handle with quick-release coupling attaches the suction hose to the handle in a flash.