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Snow Blower, Power Max 1028 OHXE (38802)



You save $200.00 (8%)!

The Power Max HD 1028 OHXE withToro Premium 302cc, OHV 4-cycle engine provides proven power and performance to make your job easier in tough winter conditions. A 28-inch wide swath and 21.5-inch cutting depth can plow through the deepest snow, clearing up to 2100 lbs per minute.

The innovative Quick Stick® control allows you to quickly and easily change chute direction AND chute deflector with a single, smooth motion. Convenient one-hand operation levers allow single-handed operation freeing the other hand to change speeds or the chute control without stopping. This machine also has handle-mounted triggers that allow you to disengage one or both wheels to maneuver through sharp turns with ease.

A breakthrough in snow blowing technology, the exclusive Anti-Clogging System meters snow intake to prevent clogging and maximize clearing efficiency. The Power Max HD uses special gears that are so strong they do not need shear pins to protect them. Instead, hardened bolts are used that are designed not to break eliminating the need to ever replace a shear pin.


  • 14″ extra large serrated auger
  • Power Max Anti-Clogging System ( ACS)
  • Up to 2100 lbs / 955 kg*
  • Quick Stick®
  • 28″ (71 cm)
  • Toro Premium OHV 4-cycle
  • 302cc
  • 3.4 Quarts / 3.2 L
  • Electronic
  • Headlight Standard
  • Standard
  • Adjustable
  • 6 Forward, 2 Reverse
  • Electric Start
  • Up to 45′ / 13.5 m*
  • 16″ (41 cm)
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty**Deflector, Bypass, Chute Warranty Guaranteed for Life**
  • 267 lbs / 121 kg


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Toro Premium 4-cycle OHV Engine

The smooth Toro Premium 4-cycle OHV engines provide years of dependable and powerful performance. These engines have been tuned specifically for the machines they power to provide optimal performance. With unmatched governor response, these engines deliver power faster when you need it most.

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Quick Stick® Chute Control

Quickly and easily change chute direction AND chute deflection with one simple, integrated control.

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Power Max® Anti-Clogging System (ACS)

A breakthrough in snowblowing technology, the Power Max® Anti-Clogging System (ACS) handles more snow in less time to get the job done fast! This revolutionary system regulates snow intake to virtually eliminate clogging while maximizing the impellor speed for powerful performance. Other snowblowers require the operator to manually limit snow intake to prevent clogging.

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Commercial-Grade Auger Gearcase

Power is transferred to the serrated augers by a gearcase designed to withstand extreme stress, eliminating the need for troublesome shear pins.

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Power Steering

Turn on a dime! Wheels can be disengaged independently or simultaneously with trigger controls – making turning, reversing, and steering easy for anyone.

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Extra-Large 16″ Tires

The wide surface area and the squared-off deep lugs of the extra-large 16″ tires aggressively dig down to the sub-surface in deep snow for the best possible traction.

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Large 14″ Serrated Auger

Extra-large auger is designed to chew through the tough, compact snow.