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Hedge Trimmer Battery HSA 56



You save $20.00 (6%)!

Light, cordless hedge trimmer with very good cutting performance for trimming hedges and shrubs at home. Easy to use. Quiet operation. No ear protection needed. Double-sided cutting blade. Innovative droplet-shaped blade geometry holds twigs more effectively in the blade.


  • Special double-sided cutter design with integrated cut protection and blade-tip sheath
  • Lighter and quieter than HSA 66, producing less vibration for greater use comfort
  • This complete package comes with one powerhead, one AK 10 battery and one 101 charger

Technical Data

Rated Voltage 36V
Included Battery AK10
Included Charger AL101
Cutting Bar Length 18″ /45cm
Weight 3.7kg/8.1lb

*Pricing on all chain saws, power tools and accessories will remain in effect until December 1,2017.*