Grass Trimmer Battery, FSA 90R

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Grass Trimmer Battery, FSA 90R


Cordless brushcutter for working on large areas of tough grass. Diameter of cutting circle 380 mm with mowing head, loop handle, engine controls with ECOSPEED partial load function, basic harness, no ear protection required, weight 2.8 kg.

Battery and charger sold separately.

Technical data

Rated voltage (V) 36
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A)) 83
Weight kg 1) 2.8

Battery & Charger Options

The STIHL Ap300 powerful lithium ion battery pack is compatible with all STIHL professional series cordless machines. The battery pack can be charged several hundred times without significantly decreasing the capacity, no memory effect and constant power while in operation. Allows operation for long periods, just like a gas machine. Includes a charge level indicator with four LEDs for indicating the charge level. Rechargeable with STIHL charger AL 100, AL 300 or AL 500. For more information please click here.