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Grass Trimmer Battery FSA 56


Cordless brushcutter with very high-performance mowing for grass trimming and clearing work. Cutting circle diameter of 280 mm, soft grip, adjustable loop handle, the mowing line automatically readjusts when the mowing head is tapped on the ground. Quiet, no ear protection needed. Comes with AK 10 battery and AL 101 charger as standard.

  • Quieter and lighter than FSA 65
  • Equipped with AutoCut 2-2 mowing head
  • Shaft length customizable to user height with only the push of a button
  • Working angle of loop handle adjustable without use of tools
  • This complete package comes with one powerhead, one AK 10 battery and one Al 101 charger.

Technical data

Battery Technology Lithium-Ion COMPACT
Weight 1) kg/lbs 3.3/7.2
Sound pressure level 2) 72 dB(A)
Included Charger AL 101
Included battery AK 10
Total length 4) 147 cm
Cutting tool AutoCut 2-2
Cutting diameter 280 mm
Battery life AK 10 5) up to 20 min

*including battery*