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The MS 441 C-M is STIHL’s state-of-the-art engine technology chain saw model featuring M-Tronic, a fully electronic engine management system that intelligently compensates for variations in altitude, temperature and fuel quality by automatically monitoring and adjusting the fuel-air mix for optimal performance in all conditions. Equipped with an advanced anti-vibration system. Designed for professionals who need reliability and performance in all weather conditions. Equipped with a 16″ Bar & chain.

Technical data

Displacement (cc) 70.7
Power output (kW/bhp) 4.2 / 5.7
Weight (kg / lbs) 1) 6.6 / 14.6
Featured price bar (in) 16

Standard features

  • STIHL M-Tronic (M)Zoom
    STIHL M-Tronic (M)

    Fully electronic controlled ignition timing and fuel metering system. The engine management STIHL M-Tronic (M) system ensures optimum engine performance, constant maximum speed and excellent acceleration. Manual carburetor adjustments are not necessary.

  • STIHL anti-vibration systemZoom
    STIHL anti-vibration system

    Precisely calculated buffer zones minimise the transfer of engine and saw chain vibrations to the front and rear handles. The chainsaw therefore runs noticeably smoother. This allows the user to save their strength and work longer.

  • Reduced-emission engine technologyZoom
    Reduced-emission engine technology

    2-stroke engine with stratified charge. A fuel-free layer of air is created between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase, reducing the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle. This results in more power with a lower weight, up to 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines and significantly reduced exhaust emissions.


    * Manufacturer’s featured price updated as of February 22, 2016. Manufacturer’s featured prices are subject to change without notice.